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We at Who VR™ believe that temples are not only marvels of art and architecture but also the embodiments of ancient technologies and a window into our ancestors’ ways of working, their tools and skills, their knowledge and depth, to manifest such wonders that the world is yet to understand its magnificence in its entirety.
While Who VR™ intends to spread the knowledge of these ancient technologies to the modern world, it also wants to pioneer the showcasing of modern technologies in their grandest forms. To this effect, VRticles™ is a premiere offering from Who VR™, the first of its kind in India – A cutting-edge, next generation Experience Centre for industry verticals, businesses and their consumers to be immersed in the prowess and span of modern technologies.
Who VR™ will create industry-specific content in Virtual Reality, either independently or in collaboration with participating industries. Depending on the commercial agreement, customers of the specific industry can rent the Experience centre for various activities such as workforce training, simulations, product prototyping etc. for a period of time. The Experience centre can also be used as a production centre for selected use cases. Industries could also leverage the experience center as a global base for developing new and innovative solutions using VR/AR technologies, to be in a position to deploy globally in a cost-effective manner.

Experience Center

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for a focused discussion about your industry on ways VRticles™ can assist you in unlocking your potential in the fast-changing digital world.
We envision to operate across Industry Verticals like Aerospace, Healthcare, Realty, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Education, Training… and many more.
If you are a company at the forefront of technology and want to exhibit the latest and the greatest, reach out to us for turnkey solutions for revolutionary experience centres. Write to us at
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