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Are you a Singer , musician
dancer or a performing artist

who is passionate about live concerts, love connecting with your audiences?

Are you an artist who loves to perform at venues/environment that you always dreamt of?

Do you want to be a trailblazer and attract fans to your concerts from across the globe
Another World!

Yes! Another World! No, not Mars! A world within the living world.

How about performing and experiencing concerts in Virtual Reality?

Presenting – ConcertSCAPE™
An offering from Who VR™ for Artists and their Fans and music connoisseurs!

Much like the Real World, Virtual Reality provides

  • Immersive experiences with magnanimous stage setup that offers 6 Degrees of Freedom (Your freedoms right now!)
  • Ambisonic sound experience (The way you perceive sound in the real/virtual world)
  • Multi-sensory experiences (Yes, indeed!!!)

    And while you grasp the TechTalk above, it gets even better!

  • Unlike the Real World, Virtual Reality provides

  • On-demand access to fans with ticketing anytime anywhere
  • Safe and Secure experiences to fans
  • Interaction capability with fans

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    Who VR™ is at the cutting edge of technology and art and in an endeavour to provide world-class experiences to artists and fans alike, we have embarked on this unique offering

    For all Artists who have dedicated their life to the service of art and to the fans who consume art and become one with it, this is a one-of-a-kind offering – in India, for India!

    How Does It Work?

    Who VR™ would drive the entire lifecycle of Concept-to-Concert for the Artist

    VR Content Production

    Ambisonic/Binaural/ Stereo Recording Services

    Ambisonic/Binaural/ Stereo Mixing Services


    YouTube video of VR Concert

    Marketing and Event Management

    Ticketing and Sales

    Drive the Artist and Fans Ecosystem

    Who VR™ would provide a detailed overview of the Technology with videos and tutorials and would hand-hold the artist through the entire lifecycle.

    As an Artist, you would need to subscribe to a membership plan with assured benefits wherein there could.

    Artist gets to take the complete ticket-revenue – No cuts, No hidden costs! So, as a Fan, be rest assured that your money is going directly into the artist’s hands – For the Artist!

    So, what are you waiting for? Write to us and we would love to hear from you and get started on this incredible journey to the real world of virtual experiences – together!

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